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  • The Process of Change

The Process of Change

Monday 17th December 2007

Join Mary Woods in this episode of One Hour at a Time as she discusses the process of change and the treatments most effective for each stage of the journey towards recovery from substance misuse and dependence.
56 minutes

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The Process of Change: A Comprehensive Look at Overcoming Substance Misuse and Dependence

These are chronic relapsing disorders, as are similar to a lot of other chronic conditions, where people need to kind of do a lot of things in order to make a change and to sustain that change over time.
In this episode of One Hour at a Time, Mary Woods and Dr. Diclemente discuss the process of change for individuals overcoming substance misuse and dependence. The conversation centers around the importance of engagement and the effectiveness of treatment for each stage of the journey towards recovery. As Dr. Diclemente puts it, substance dependence is a chronic relapsing disorder, similar to other chronic conditions, and sustained change requires a comprehensive approach.
The hosts explore the challenges of engaging people who are not yet ready to change and the importance of focusing on positive outcomes and personal control. They also discuss the different stages of change and why some treatments are more effective for each stage. Behavioral change strategies and the importance of hope in the recovery process are also highlighted.
The episode concludes with a reminder that the decision to change must come from within and that change is a journey, not an event. Overall, this episode provides valuable insights for anyone seeking to overcome substance misuse and dependence, as well as those working in the field of addiction recovery. Listen to the episode now here on