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Luke Hand

  • His & Theirs (Sat, 06/07/2024)

His & Theirs (Sat, 06/07/2024)

Monday 8th July 2024

Join Luke Hand as he shares his day filled with rollerblading adventures, exploring new apps, and deep conversations about the past.
2 minutes

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Luke Hand
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Rollerblades, New Apps, and Deep Conversations: A Day with Luke Hand

Episode Overview

  • Luke found two pairs of K2 rollerblades at an op-shop for $5 each.
  • He explored new social network apps like Spoony beta.
  • A rollerblade ride along the beach provided fun and exercise.
  • Dinner included a unique dish called 'sex worker pasta'.
  • A deep conversation about a past chapter brought mixed emotions.
Not every social network app needs to aim to eat the entire internet and world.
Ever wondered what a day in the life of Luke Hand looks like? In this episode, Luke shares his Saturday adventures, starting with a fantastic find at the op-shop: two pairs of K2 rollerblades for just $5 each. After giving them a good wash, he couldn't resist taking them for a spin along the beach. The weather was perfect, and the new skates with their big soft wheels made for a smooth and speedy ride.
If you've ever felt the joy of rediscovering something simple and fun, you'll relate to Luke's excitement here. But it wasn't all rollerblading and sunshine. Luke dives into his experience with new social network apps like Spoony beta, appreciating the shift towards more whimsical and fun designs rather than the usual internet giants. It's a refreshing take on how social media can be more about enjoyment than world domination.
Dinner was an interesting affair too, with Luke whipping up some 'sex worker pasta' (you'll have to listen to find out what that's all about). The meal led to a deep and somewhat unexpected conversation about a past chapter involving 'Redacted'. This discussion stirred up some mixed emotions for Luke, making it a poignant end to his day. If you're looking for an episode that blends light-hearted moments with deeper reflections, this one's for you.
Join Luke as he navigates his day with a mix of gratitude, curiosity, and honesty.