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Michelle Weidenbenner

  • How to cope with addiction in your family.

How to cope with addiction in your family.

Monday 14th January 2019

Join Michelle Weidenbenner on Moms Letting Go Without Giving Up as she shares her personal experiences and offers support for mothers of addicted loved ones.
10 minutes

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How to Cope with Addiction in Your Family: A Journey to Recovery and Support

Your journey may be totally different, but I want to give you freedom to work on a plan that works for your family. Nobody can tell you what that is, but what is it? How can you get the help personally that you need so that you can keep yourself healthy?
Michelle Weidenbenner's Moms Letting Go Without Giving Up is a podcast dedicated to supporting mothers of addicted loved ones. In this episode, Michelle shares her personal experiences with addiction and offers helpful advice for coping with communication issues and delegating responsibilities for self-care. Michelle emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries and focusing on personal behavior and attitudes as a means of staying healthy for the entire family.
She reminds listeners that parents are not gods or superhumans and cannot control the behavior of their drug-dependent loved ones. Rather, it is essential to find a family plan for coping and trust in God's plan. Michelle provides listeners with valuable support resources and encourages them to take their own journey towards recovery and support. If you are a mother of an addicted loved one, this podcast is a must-listen. Listen to this episode and many others now on alcoholfree.com.