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  • I want MORE- the compulsivity and impoverishment of MORE

I want MORE- the compulsivity and impoverishment of MORE

Tuesday 8th March 2022

Angela McKinney explores the 'disease of more' and offers practical steps to break free from compulsive behaviors for a fulfilling life.
14 minutes

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Breaking Free from the 'More' Trap: A Path to Fulfillment

It has us very confused and very reliant on people to be something for us, because we're confused with how to become who we're meant to be, how we're, how the work of becoming inhabited in our needs and in resourceful ways, in our needs for love and connection, in our needs for safety and certainty, in our needs for significance, in our needs for growth and development, all those get hijacked in this tangled knot of more and needing others to fill our emptiness or needing things to fill our emptiness.
Ever felt like you’re constantly chasing 'more'—more success, more possessions, more everything? In this episode of 'Untangle & Thrive', Angela McKinney takes a deep dive into what she calls the 'disease of more'. This isn't just about wanting extra stuff; it's about the compulsive need that often masks deeper issues of emptiness and shame. Angela explores how this relentless pursuit can actually trap us in a cycle of dissatisfaction, especially for those in recovery or struggling with compulsive behaviors.
She warns against mistaking a life of scarcity for true recovery, highlighting how both extremes can be harmful. Through her unique blend of neurobiology and creative strategies, Angela offers practical tips to help listeners redefine their relationship with 'more'. Simple yet effective practices like mindful walking are suggested to help untangle these compulsive knots and move towards a life that's genuinely fulfilling.
If you're tired of feeling like you're never enough, this episode might just be the wake-up call you need. Tune in for an eye-opening discussion that promises to offer both insight and actionable steps towards a more balanced life.