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  • John Bible Study Chapter 7

John Bible Study Chapter 7

Thursday 18th January 2024

Dive into John 7 with Angie Meadows on 'Rock of Recovery', focusing on faith, intentional obedience, and true teachings over appearances.
40 minutes

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John 7: Embracing Faith Over Tradition

Episode Overview

  • Unpacking the mysteries of John 7 and the significance of intentional obedience
  • Highlighting the importance of discerning true doctrine and seeking the Father's glory
  • Encouraging listeners to address their unbelief, dispel confusion, and find direction for their paths
  • Emphasizing the necessity of believing in Jesus and following Him over religious laws and traditions
So if I spend my life following traditions and religious rules without knowing Jesus, will I be saved? Make sure that you're just not following traditions and religious rules and laws, but you're following Jesus.
What happens when you mix ancient scripture with modern-day struggles? In this episode of 'Rock of Recovery', Angie Meadows takes a deep dive into John 7, where the Jews plot to kill Jesus. But it's not just about the drama—Angie unpacks the profound lessons within this chapter. She emphasizes the importance of intentional obedience and discerning true teachings over superficial judgments. Through engaging questions and practical challenges, Angie encourages listeners to confront their own doubts and confusion.
This episode isn't just for the devout; it's for anyone seeking direction and meaning beyond rigid religious traditions. By focusing on Jesus' message of living water that satisfies the soul, Angie helps you see how faith can offer a deeper sense of fulfillment than any set of rules ever could.