Rock of Recovery


  • John Bible Study Training 15 through 17

John Bible Study Training 15 through 17

Thursday 18th January 2024

Join Angie Meadows and Will on 'Rock of Recovery' as they explore self-discipline, justification, and the impact of name-calling through biblical teachings.
10 minutes

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Rock of Recovery
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Biblical Insights on Self-Discipline, Justification, and Compassion with Angie and Will

Episode Overview

  • Identifying areas of slothfulness and instilling self-discipline in everyday life
  • Teaching the principle of justification and the importance of humility
  • Exploring the impact of name-calling and applying biblical teachings to parenting
  • Empowering children to embrace accountability and spiritual growth
  • Offering valuable insights for individuals navigating the road to recovery
If I gave them the Word of God, it was an instant correction. I was giving them authority much higher than me.
Ever wondered how ancient wisdom can shape modern lives? In this engaging episode of 'Rock of Recovery', hosts Angie Meadows and Will break down three powerful lessons from the John Bible Study series. They start with Proverbs 26:14, where the focus is on identifying and overcoming inner laziness. It's not just about getting up early; it's about fostering self-discipline that leads to success.
Next, they delve into John 10:29, discussing the comforting principle of justification and the assurance that 'no one can snatch us out of the Father's hand'. This segment offers a deep sense of security and faith. Finally, they tackle Matthew 5:22, addressing the harmful effects of name-calling and the importance of compassion in our interactions. Angie and Will's relatable style makes these teachings accessible and relevant, providing practical advice for personal and spiritual growth.
Whether you're on a recovery journey or supporting someone who is, this episode offers valuable perspectives to enrich your path.