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  • Let it Go and Let it In for 2020!

Let it Go and Let it In for 2020!

Sunday 5th January 2020

Sober Sisters Talk is back with M.G. and Elizabeth Pudwill discussing their 2020 resolutions. Learn about the benefits of letting go and embracing change in long-term sobriety.
26 minutes

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Letting go and embracing change: Sober Sisters Talk 2020 resolutions

I think that when we look in retrospect for The Year, that if there is grief, you know it's like, I think for The New Year, we're given permission and allowed to like: move on, you can move on, you can, you know.
Sober Sisters Talk is a popular podcast featuring M.G. and Elizabeth Pudwill discussing various topics related to sobriety and recovery. In their latest episode, the two hosts discuss their 2020 resolutions and the importance of letting go and embracing change in long-term sobriety.
M.G. and Elizabeth start the episode by reflecting on the past year and acknowledging any grief or difficult emotions that arose. They stress the importance of moving on and allowing oneself to let go of the past. They also discuss the importance of finding balance in sobriety and incorporating new practices into recovery.
Both hosts emphasize the value of having a support network in recovery and how it can help individuals navigate difficult times. Elizabeth shares how having a yoga practice is like her church and helps her stay spiritually fit. She also highlights the importance of evolving in sobriety and how what worked in the past may not work in the present.
M.G. and Elizabeth end the episode by encouraging listeners to make their own 2020 resolutions and consider incorporating new practices into their recovery. They remind listeners that it's okay to change their minds and take things one day at a time. The episode is an inspiring and engaging conversation about the evolution of sobriety over time and the importance of embracing change.
Listen to the episode now here on and consider making your own 2020 resolutions for your sobriety and recovery journey.