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  • Melissa S – New York City

Melissa S – New York City

Thursday 1st January 1970

Melissa's story of addiction and recovery will inspire and empower you. Listen to her share her journey to sobriety on
28 minutes

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Melissa's Journey to Sobriety: A Story of Grace and Hope

I knew nothing about life without alcohol and I learned it from you miraculously.
Melissa's story of addiction and recovery is one of grace and hope. She opens up about her struggles with alcohol addiction, from her teenage years to her time living in the desert in the Middle East. She shares how she hit rock bottom and finally reached out for help. Melissa talks about the role of grace in her recovery and how it was a moment of grace that led her to the Twelve Steps.
She discusses the importance of admitting powerlessness and unmanageability and how the pink cloud helped her early on in sobriety. Finally, Melissa reflects on how her life has changed since getting sober and the new career she has started. Her story is inspiring, empowering, and hopeful. Listen to her share her journey to sobriety now on