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Mens AA Meeting

Thursday 1st January 1970

Join MSB Recording and Audio as they explore a gay men's AA meeting in Austin, Texas and the unexpected path to sobriety. Learn more on
56 minutes

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Finding Sobriety in Unexpected Places: A Gay Men's AA Meeting Journey

Living sober has been a part of my sobriety since the very beginning, and that's really important to me because I think living sober is where I actually found my family.
In this episode of the 12 Step Recovery Podcast, MSB Recording and Audio take us on a journey through a gay men's AA meeting in Austin, Texas. The episode highlights the unexpected path to sobriety and the important role of living sober in finding family and connection. The speaker shares their journey of acceptance, overcoming resentment, and the impact of trauma on addiction. They also discuss the power of connection in recovery and the journey to self-discovery.
The episode ends with a heartfelt message about letting go of facades and the impact of addiction on family. Listen to the full episode now on to discover the unexpected path to sobriety.