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  • NYC 1945 – LGBTQ and People of Color AA History

NYC 1945 – LGBTQ and People of Color AA History

Thursday 1st January 1970

Discover the origins of Al-Anon and the third tradition, and how African-Americans and LGBTQ members shaped the history of AA. Listen now on
39 minutes

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Uncovering the Hidden LGBTQ and People of Color AA History in NYC 1945

Each time you welcome a newcomer, you carry on this legacy, especially when that newcomer looks different, feels unfamiliar or just plain unappealing. This is a story about Josephine, Barry, and Bill in our third tradition, but it is much more than that.
The 12 Step Recovery Podcast uncovers the hidden history of African-Americans and LGBTQ members in AA's origins and the third tradition. In this episode titled 'NYC 1945 - LGBTQ and People of Color AA History,' Barry shares his research on the gay origins of the third tradition, which he presented at the 10th international convention in Montreal. He also highlights the medical procedures used to cure homosexuality and the appalling racist and homophobic beliefs during that era.
The podcast also features stories of overcoming racism and homophobia in AA, and how welcoming newcomers is a crucial part of continuing this legacy. Overall, this episode sheds light on the often-overlooked contributions of marginalized groups in AA's history and how their stories continue to inspire and empower members today. Listen to the episode now on and discover the rich history of Al-Anon and the third tradition.