Lay It On Me

Lay It On Me

Lay It On Me

  • Our Friend Joe Writes In

Our Friend Joe Writes In

Sunday 6th October 2019

Noel Thomas helps listener Joe find confidence and connection in relationships by challenging negative thoughts and suggesting practical steps.
24 minutes

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Lay It On Me: Finding Connection and Confidence - Joe's Journey

Man, like, it's really really interesting what the world will provide you if you start thinking about it in a different way, if you start having desires and like putting them out into the universe, which sounds very hippy, dippy.
Ever felt like you're the only one struggling to make meaningful connections? In this episode of 'Lay It On Me', Noel Thomas dives into a heartfelt question from Joe, a listener who's feeling lost in the world of relationships. Joe, who has never had a girlfriend or even held hands outside of childhood religious activities, shares his deep sense of hopelessness. Noel tackles Joe's dilemma head-on, offering practical advice that's both empathetic and encouraging.
He challenges Joe's negative thought patterns and emphasizes the importance of self-love. Noel suggests that Joe start by making friends with women, learning from these friendships without the immediate pressure of dating. By doing so, Joe can build confidence and find common ground with people who share his interests. Noel also discusses the potential benefits of using dating websites to meet individuals who are more intentional about forming connections.
This episode is packed with valuable tips for anyone grappling with similar issues, offering a blend of humor, wisdom, and heartfelt advice. Tune in to discover how to prioritize relationships and take steps towards finding genuine connection.