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  • Owl 045 Amber

Owl 045 Amber

Tuesday 15th January 2019

Join Don and Sam as they interview Amber, a recovered alcoholic, on her journey to sobriety and the tools she used to stay sober. Listen now on!
60 minutes

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Amber's Journey to Sobriety: A Boiled Owl AA Recovery Podcast Recap

I'm still, I'm following in his footsteps... it requires honesty. And that was like definitely something I needed to look at, because you know my mind, I'm this really nice person and I'm doing this volunteer work and I'm really kind to others, which wasn't the case, because my motives are me, me, me. But I have this wonderful toolkit that I can select many different things from throughout The Days.
The Boiled Owl AA Recovery Podcast recently featured a powerful interview with Amber, a recovered alcoholic who shared her journey to sobriety and the tools she used to stay sober. Amber's story is one of resilience and hope, as she candidly shared about leaving her husband for an affair with her boss, getting a DUI, and waking up in jail. Despite these low points, Amber found the courage to reach out for help and take suggestions from others in AA.
She lived in a women's Oxford house, got a sponsor, and jumped into service in Young People in AA. Amber also spoke about the role of meditation in her sobriety, as well as practicing humility and letting go of control. One notable highlight was Amber's emphasis on focusing on shortcomings, rather than just character defects, and making amends.
Throughout the interview, Amber's honesty and vulnerability were inspiring, and her journey serves as a reminder that staying sober is possible, one day at a time. Don't miss this powerful episode and listen now on!