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Owl 044 Scott

Tuesday 1st January 2019

Listen to the inspiring story of Scott's journey to sobriety on the Boiled Owl AA Recovery Podcast. Hear how he overcame addiction and found a new sense of purpose in life.
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From LA to Knoxville and Back: Scott's Journey to Sobriety on the Boiled Owl AA Recovery Podcast

When I was became free of the beast of alcohol that had me by the throat, it controlled everything about me, and the longer I was sober in The First Few Months of sobriety, I began to see how much I was ruled by alcohol.
The Boiled Owl AA Recovery Podcast has become a go-to for those seeking inspiration, insight, and support for their journey to sobriety. In their latest episode, titled 'Owl 044 Scott', hosts Don and Sam speak with Scott, a former actor who found himself spiraling out of control while living in Los Angeles. After getting sober and moving back to Knoxville, Scott shares his story of how he overcame addiction and found a new sense of purpose in life.
One of the key themes that emerges in the conversation is the challenge of moving to a new city while in recovery. Scott describes how he struggled to find a community of support in Los Angeles, and how it was only after returning to Knoxville that he was able to establish meaningful connections with others in recovery.
The importance of a sponsor and 12-step programs is also discussed, with Scott crediting his sponsor for helping him navigate some of the most difficult moments of his journey. Throughout the conversation, Scott's deep sense of personal reflection and spirituality shines through. He speaks passionately about the value of turning inward and taking time to reflect on one's own life and purpose.
For anyone who has struggled with addiction or is currently in recovery, this episode of the Boiled Owl AA Recovery Podcast is a must-listen. It offers an inspiring message of hope, authenticity, and engagement that is sure to resonate with listeners of all backgrounds and experiences. Listen to the episode now here on