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  • Patty D – Fresno CA

Patty D – Fresno CA

Saturday 11th November 1989

Join Patty D in her journey to sobriety through honesty and the 12 steps in this episode of MD Tapes Archive Library. Listen now on!
38 minutes

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Patty D: A Journey to Sobriety through Honesty and the 12 Steps

Honesty is just such a beautiful commodity that we have in alcoholics anonymous. You know, I absolutely could not stand to be alone. I couldn't figure out the fear and I'd be going to meetings and I'd think now I can't really share the way I feel because there's newcomers here and I can't let them know.
In this episode of MD Tapes Archive Library, Patty D shares her journey to sobriety through honesty and the 12 steps. As a newly sober woman, Patty struggled with fear, self-doubt, and a punishing God from her past. However, with the support of her sponsor and the guidance of the 12 steps, Patty was able to overcome her character defects and find a new way of living.
Honesty was a crucial component of Patty's journey, and she encourages others to be open and truthful in their sharing. Patty also emphasizes the importance of sponsors and the role they play in staying sober. Additionally, she highlights the beauty of the 12 steps and how they can transform lives. Finally, Patty reminds listeners not to take life too seriously, as it can lead to boredom and excuses for relapse.
Through her inspiring and transformative story, Patty D shows us that recovery is possible, and that we can find a new way of living through honesty and the 12 steps. Listen to the episode now here on!