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  • Paul Lapine: Fitness Entrepreneur & Fellow Recovering Addict

Paul Lapine: Fitness Entrepreneur & Fellow Recovering Addict

Wednesday 30th March 2022

Paul Lapine reveals his path from addiction to fitness entrepreneurship on 'The Alcoholic Entrepreneur Podcast'. Tune in for a story of resilience and recovery.
61 minutes

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Paul Lapine's Journey: From Addiction to Fitness Entrepreneur

The beauty of the recovery scene is that we all have stories that can be intertwined and we can relate to and, and we know then that we're not alone, and we know then that we don't have to isolate and we don't have to be anonymous, that we can tell our story, that we can be proud of who we are and that we can give it back.
Ever wondered how someone can turn their life around from the depths of addiction to the heights of entrepreneurial success? Meet Paul Lapine, a fitness guru and recovery advocate who shares his compelling story on 'The Alcoholic Entrepreneur Podcast'. Hosted by Justin Balunsat, this episode takes you through Paul's tumultuous journey, starting from a challenging upbringing and escalating to substance abuse during his college years. Paul's story doesn't end there; it takes a powerful turn towards recovery and personal growth.
He opens up about hitting rock bottom and finding solace in fitness and entrepreneurship. Through his business, Recovery Fit, Paul is now helping others focus on their physical and mental health while maintaining sobriety. The conversation highlights the striking similarities between the struggles of addiction and the challenges of running a business, emphasizing resilience and perseverance as key elements in both.
If you're curious about how fitness can be a lifeline in recovery or need some motivation to push through your own struggles, this episode is a must-listen.