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  • Robert Santitoro: Hip Hop artist w/ 1.5M TikTok followers

Robert Santitoro: Hip Hop artist w/ 1.5M TikTok followers

Monday 17th January 2022

Join the Alcoholic Entrepreneur Podcast as Robsan discusses his rise from high school recording sessions to 1.5 million TikTok followers.
58 minutes

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From Garage Studio to TikTok Stardom: Robsan's Journey on the Alcoholic Entrepreneur Podcast

It's the mindset thing, and you know, we are the... creating your own businesses, but creating, yeah, you know, creating and just being in that head space, and understanding that you see things differently than probably a lot of other people, you know, and it's hard to swim against the current, you know. But nothing, nothing worth a damn is ever going to come easy, right, like you got to work for it.
Ever wondered how a high school hobby can turn into a TikTok sensation? Meet Robert Santitoro, better known as Robsan, a hip hop artist who skyrocketed to fame with 1.5 million TikTok followers. In this episode of the Alcoholic Entrepreneur Podcast, Robsan sits down with host Justin Balunsat to share his remarkable journey from recording at a friend's house to becoming a well-known name in the music industry. Robsan's story is a testament to the power of mindset and perseverance.
Initially dabbling in music production for fun, he eventually decided to take his passion seriously. This decision led him to develop a unique style that resonates with a broad audience. But it's not just his music that's captivating; it's his savvy marketing skills on TikTok that have truly set him apart. The conversation dives deep into the parallels between entrepreneurship and sobriety, emphasizing the importance of hard work and mental resilience.
Robsan also opens up about dealing with negative feedback, the significance of dreaming big, and how the TikTok algorithm can be a game-changer for artists. His insights are not only inspiring but also practical for anyone looking to make their mark in any field. Justin and Robsan also touch on the podcast's mission to combat addiction stigmas while promoting entrepreneurial success.
This episode is a goldmine of motivation and actionable advice, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in music, marketing, or personal growth. Tune in to hear Robsan's inspiring story and learn how you can apply his principles to your own life.