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  • People of Color AA Meeting

People of Color AA Meeting

Thursday 1st January 1970

Join the conversation and listen to the 12 Step Recovery Podcast episode titled, 'People of Color AA Meeting'. Explore the gifts of sobriety and the experiences of those in the AA community. Available now on
31 minutes

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The Gifts of Sobriety: A People of Color AA Meeting - 12 Step Recovery Podcast Episode Review

The biggest gift for me is just being alive... My experience has been that even when you're not looking for them, they just show up.
The 12 Step Recovery Podcast's latest episode titled 'People of Color AA Meeting' is an inspiring and informative conversation about the gifts of sobriety and the experiences of those in the AA community. The episode features members sharing their stories of resilience and recovery, navigating grief and loss, and finding comfort in community. One member even shares their experience with reconnecting with family members after years of sobriety.
Despite the challenges of being a public defender or dealing with racism in recovery, these members have found ways to respect themselves and others while working the steps. The episode highlights the importance of the new generation of AA members and how they are keeping the community thriving. The conversation is truly empowering and is a must-listen for anyone in or considering joining the AA community.
So, listen to the episode now here on and find inspiration and hope in the gifts of sobriety.