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Cameron Harrison

  • Red Flags In Dating: The Addiction Flag

Red Flags In Dating: The Addiction Flag

Sunday 15th October 2023

Cameron Harrison explores addiction in relationships, sharing personal stories and practical tips on spotting red flags and setting boundaries.
11 minutes

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Spotting the Signs: Navigating Addiction in Relationships

Episode Overview

  • Addiction is a nuanced journey, demanding understanding and support
  • Open communication and awareness are pivotal in handling red flags
  • Conditional support can be a catalyst for positive change
  • Establishing boundaries and self-worth is essential in relationships
  • The power of choice shapes the trajectory of our lives
As long as you're trying to change and as long as you're putting those efforts, I'm not going anywhere. That's what I needed.
Are you dating someone and wondering if their behavior might be more than just quirky? In this episode of 'Recovering You', host Cameron Harrison dives deep into the tricky waters of addiction and relationships. Is addiction a deal-breaker, or can it be worked through? Cameron doesn't just talk theory; he shares his own experiences, making the conversation relatable and grounded. This episode is packed with practical advice on how to spot red flags, set healthy boundaries, and communicate effectively.
It's not just for those dating someone with addiction issues but also for anyone wanting to understand the dynamics better. Whether you're navigating your own recovery or supporting a partner, you'll find valuable insights here. So, grab a cup of tea, get comfy, and tune in for a heartfelt discussion that could change how you view relationships and addiction.