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  • [REPLAY] Marnae Moore talks about battling an eating disorder while addicted to opioids

[REPLAY] Marnae Moore talks about battling an eating disorder while addicted to opioids

Tuesday 9th July 2024

Marnae Moore shares her journey from battling an eating disorder to overcoming opioid addiction, highlighting the resilience and hope in recovery.
84 minutes

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Marnae Moore's Battle: From Eating Disorder to Opioid Addiction

Episode Overview

  • Marnae Moore shares her journey from an eating disorder to opioid addiction.
  • The impact of childhood struggles on developing an eating disorder.
  • How divorce exacerbated Marnae's addiction issues.
  • The critical moment Marnae realised she needed help.
  • Insights into the emotional and physical toll of addiction.
As the numbers on the scale went down, it gives you a euphoric feeling. Like I'd be like, oh, one more pound.
In this episode of Project Recovery, Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley sit down with Marnae Moore, who shares her powerful journey of battling an eating disorder while also struggling with opioid addiction. Marnae opens up about her difficult childhood, feeling unloved and unaccepted, which led her to develop an eating disorder at the age of sixteen.
Her story takes a dramatic turn as she describes how her eating disorder and subsequent divorce pushed her towards opioid abuse, ultimately resulting in a kidney transplant. Marnae’s candid account is both heart-wrenching and inspiring as she discusses the moment she realised she needed help and her path to recovery. Marnae’s narrative is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. She talks about the emotional toll of her struggles, including the impact on her physical health and relationships.
Her journey is filled with ups and downs, but through it all, she remains determined to find healing. Casey and Dr. Matt provide a supportive space for Marnae to share her experiences, offering valuable insights into the complexities of addiction and recovery. This episode is not just about Marnae’s struggles; it’s about hope and the possibility of change. Whether you’re dealing with addiction yourself or supporting someone who is, Marnae’s story will resonate deeply.
Her honesty and bravery in facing her demons head-on offer a powerful reminder that recovery is possible, no matter how tough the journey may be. Tune in to hear Marnae’s story of overcoming adversity and finding strength in vulnerability. Her journey underscores the importance of seeking help and the transformative power of recovery. Don't miss this compelling episode that highlights the human capacity for resilience and hope.