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  • SHAIR 203: Hip Sobriety with Bree Nicoli

SHAIR 203: Hip Sobriety with Bree Nicoli

Tuesday 1st January 2019

Join Omar Pinto on the SHAIR Recovery Podcast as he interviews Bree Nicoli about her journey from addiction to entrepreneurship. Listen now on!
92 minutes

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Bree Nicoli's Road to Recovery: From Addiction to Entrepreneurship

I used to have this best friend, a guy, best friend, who was turning. I hope he doesn't notice, I'm high, because this is bad, you know.
In this episode of the SHAIR Recovery Podcast, host Omar Pinto interviews Bree Nicoli about her journey from addiction to entrepreneurship. Bree's story is one of perseverance, resilience, and hope. From starting with inhalants as a child to experimenting with marijuana, acid, and molly, Bree's addiction spiraled out of control when she found cocaine. But after hitting rock bottom, Bree found her path to recovery.
Bree's journey to sobriety is a testament to the power of community. She credits her strong women's meeting for helping her stay sober and for providing a safe, supportive environment where she could share her struggles and triumphs. Bree also highlights the importance of family in recovery, and how her mother's tough love helped her realize that she needed to make a change.
But Bree's story doesn't end with sobriety. She has since become a successful entrepreneur, running her own business and amassing a large following on Instagram. Bree reflects on how her recovery journey has helped her become the best version of herself, and how her experiences have inspired her to help others.
Overall, this episode is an inspiring and informative look at one woman's journey to recovery and entrepreneurship. Bree's reflections on her journey and her insights into the power of community are sure to resonate with anyone who is on the path to sobriety. So listen now on and join the thousands of members in the share sobriety network who have banded together to support one another, to love one another and to create the bridge to long-lasting sobriety, happiness and recovery, happiness, joy and freedom.