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  • Sober Mind Episode #3

Sober Mind Episode #3

Saturday 4th March 2023

John, Judi, and Patrick discuss the impact of addiction on their relationships before sobriety in this candid episode of 'Sober Mind'.
66 minutes

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John and Judi Lund with Patrick Sandy
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From Chaos to Clarity: Navigating Relationships Before Sobriety

My addiction started not with alcohol but with marijuana... it was prevalent right in front of us all the time. So it wasn't, you know, they didn't go in the back room and smoke, it was right there all the time.
Relationships and addiction can be a volatile mix, and that's exactly what John, Judi, and Patrick dive into in this eye-opening episode of 'Sober Mind'. Before sobriety, their relationships were anything but smooth sailing. John opens up about his early encounters with marijuana, a common fixture in his unsupervised childhood. His candid reflections reveal how his addiction journey began right under his parents' noses. Judi brings a different perspective, discussing how alcohol strained her relationship with John.
Their marriage was riddled with arguments, often sparked by alcohol-fueled misunderstandings. But it wasn't just about them—Patrick chimes in with his own struggles, highlighting the absence of a stable father figure as a common thread among those battling addiction. This raw conversation doesn't just recount their past; it shows how sobriety transformed their lives, turning unhealthy dynamics into intimate and supportive relationships.
If you're curious about the real impact of addiction on relationships and the journey to healing, this episode offers an unfiltered look into those turbulent times and the hope that follows.