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Recover in christ

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  • step 4 Self Examination

step 4 Self Examination

Monday 5th December 2005

Discover the power of self-examination in Step 4 of Recovery in Christ's 12-step program for addiction recovery. Listen now on alcoholfree.com.
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Uncovering Hidden Truths: Step 4 Self Examination in Recovery in Christ

Making this inventory is a good way to wash the inside, and some of the washing may involve bathing our life with tears.
Recovery in Christ's 12-step program provides a powerful framework for addiction recovery, offering Christians the tools they need to heal and grow in their faith. In this week's episode, Rik Mulcahey explores step 4, self-examination, and the importance of uncovering the hidden truths that have kept us bound in shame and hypocrisy.
Drawing on scripture from Lamentations and Nehemiah, Rik encourages listeners to take a fearless moral inventory of their lives, listing their destructive habits, defects of character, and wrongs done to others. While this process can be painful, it is a necessary part of throwing away the rotten habits and behaviors that have kept us from living a full and abundant life in Christ.
Through confession, grieving, and turning toward the future, we can discard the garbage of our past and make a new start. Join Rik as he explores the transformative power of self-examination in recovery, and discover the freedom that comes from taking personal responsibility for our choices and actions. Listen to the episode now here on alcoholfree.com.