rik mulcahey

Recover in christ

rik mulcahey

Monday 12th December 2005

Discover how stepping out of denial is the key to growth and recovery in this episode of Recover in Christ. Listen now on alcoholfree.com.
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Recover in christ
rik mulcahey
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The Power of Stepping out of Denial on the Road to Recovery

We cannot grow in recovery until we are ready to step out of our denial into the truth.
In this episode of Recover in Christ, Rik Mulcahey discusses the crucial role of stepping out of denial on the road to recovery. Mulcahey emphasizes that growth in recovery is impossible until we are willing to face the truth about our addiction and the negative impact it has had on our lives. Drawing on biblical teachings, he reminds listeners that calling out to God in times of trouble can lead to a rescued heart and a path out of darkness. When we deny our struggles and isolate ourselves from God and others, we are left in the dark, unable to make progress towards healing. However, when we choose to walk in the light, we open ourselves up to the power of fellowship and community, and the blood of Jesus can purify us from all sin.
Mulcahey's message is a powerful reminder that while addiction recovery can be a difficult and painful journey, there is hope for those who are willing to face the truth and rely on the support of their faith and community. Whether you are struggling with addiction yourself or supporting a loved one in their recovery, this episode is a must-listen. Don't miss the opportunity to hear Mulcahey's inspiring words and gain valuable insights into the power of stepping out of denial on the road to recovery. Listen to the full episode now here on alcoholfree.com.