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Monday 12th December 2005

Join Recover in Christ on Step 5 of the 12 steps of recovery. Confess your sins to yourself, to God, and to someone you trust. Find the mercy of God and healing through confessing your sins.
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Recover in christ
rik mulcahey
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Step 5: Confessing Sins and Finding Mercy in God - A Recover in Christ Episode

We need to admit that what is wrong is wrong. We're guilty as charged. We need to own up to the sins and discover our inventory.
Recover in Christ is back with another episode that delves into the 12 steps of recovery and how they can be applied to a Christian's life. In this episode, the focus is on step five, which involves confessing one's faults to oneself, to God, and to someone trustworthy. The host, Rik Mulcahey, starts by reminding listeners of the importance of dealing with the inventory they have written after step four.
Confessing sins to God is the first step in this process, and it involves admitting one's wrongdoings and taking ownership of them. Mulcahey emphasizes that concealing one's sins does not lead to prosperity, but confessing and renouncing them leads to finding mercy. The episode also explores the importance of obeying God's direction in confessing sins and sharing them with someone trustworthy. Through confession, Christians can find healing and discover the power of mercy.
The Recover in Christ podcast provides a safe and informative space for Christians who are seeking recovery and spiritual growth. Listen to this episode now on alcoholfree.com and take the first step towards finding mercy and healing in God.