Lisa LaCon

Urban "Mental Health" Tools For Change By Dr. Lisa LaCon

Lisa LaCon

  • Summer Break

Summer Break

Wednesday 10th July 2024

Dr. Lisa LaCon explores urban issues, mental health topics, and summer events with humour and empathy in this engaging episode of 'Urban Tools for Change'.
75 minutes

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Urban "Mental Health" Tools For Change By Dr. Lisa LaCon
Lisa LaCon
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Summer Break: Urban Issues and Mental Health with Dr. Lisa LaCon

Episode Overview

  • Exploring the impact of the BET Awards on the urban community.
  • Discussing the rise in missing youth cases and underlying causes.
  • Clarifying the differences between hallucinations and delusions.
  • Examining how violent video games influence youth behaviour.
  • Highlighting systemic issues within the foster care system.
"Your feelings are not only forgivable. They are the very meaning of life that only pre-silicon carbon-based entities can ever grasp"
Summer has arrived, and Dr. Lisa LaCon is here to guide you through it with a blend of humour, empathy, and serious discussion. In this episode of 'Urban Tools for Change', Dr. LaCon takes us on a journey through various urban issues and mental health topics that are particularly relevant during the summer months.
From the impact of the BET Awards to the alarming rise in missing youth, she tackles a wide range of subjects with her unique blend of insight and wit. Dr. LaCon also touches on the often misunderstood concepts of hallucinations and delusions, breaking them down in a way that's both educational and engaging. She doesn't shy away from the hard-hitting questions, like why young children are out late at night and the systemic issues that contribute to such situations.
Additionally, the episode dives into the influence of violent video games on youth behaviour, particularly in urban settings. Dr. LaCon's reflections are peppered with personal anecdotes and light-hearted moments, making this episode a compelling listen for anyone interested in mental health and urban community issues. Whether you're looking for serious discussion or a bit of comic relief, this episode has something for everyone. So, why not take a break and join Dr. LaCon in the Urban Suite?
You might just find the tools you need for your wellness and recovery journey.