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N.A.R.C. Troopers: 
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Prajinta Pesqueda

  • The Borderline & Narcissist Pairing: Understanding BPD

The Borderline & Narcissist Pairing: Understanding BPD

Saturday 6th July 2024

Explore the complex relationship between BPD and narcissism, and learn practical steps for managing BPD symptoms in this insightful episode.
25 minutes

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N.A.R.C. Troopers: 
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Collaborators
Prajinta Pesqueda
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Borderline & Narcissist: The Toxic Tango

Episode Overview

  • Understand the neurological basis of BPD and its impact on emotional regulation.
  • Learn practical steps to manage BPD symptoms, including developing a safety plan.
  • Recognise the role of childhood trauma in shaping BPD behaviours.
  • Adopt self-soothing techniques to better handle emotional distress.
  • Identify and address comorbid conditions that may complicate BPD.
Borderline individuals are the psychological equivalent of third degree burn patients. They simply have, so to speak, no emotional skin.
Ever wondered why the pairing of a borderline personality disorder (BPD) individual with a narcissist is often described as a match made in hell? This episode of N.A.R.C. Troopers dives deep into understanding BPD and its complex relationship with narcissism. Hosted by Prajinta Pesqueda, the episode aims to shed light on the often misunderstood and misdiagnosed condition of BPD.
The host explores how trauma and negative experiences shape the behaviour of individuals with BPD, making them susceptible to forming toxic relationships with narcissists. You'll hear about the neurological basis of BPD, how it affects emotional regulation, and the importance of a supportive team for recovery. The episode also provides 12 practical steps to help manage BPD symptoms, ranging from developing a safety plan to learning self-soothing techniques.
By recognising patterns and adopting healthier coping mechanisms, those with BPD can embark on a path to healing. This episode is packed with valuable information, personal anecdotes, and actionable advice, making it a must-listen for anyone affected by BPD or narcissistic abuse. Tune in to understand how BPD can be managed and even overcome with the right strategies and support.