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Recovery Machine Podcast

Nathan McLean & Corey Williams

  • The Final Episode of Recovery Machine

The Final Episode of Recovery Machine

Thursday 25th January 2024

Join Corey and Nathan as they reflect on their journey in the final episode of Recovery Machine Podcast, sharing lessons learned and heartfelt farewells.
54 minutes

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Recovery Machine Podcast
Nathan McLean & Corey Williams
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A Journey Concluded: Corey and Nathan’s Final Reflections on Recovery Machine

Episode Overview

  • Hosts reflect on the journey and insights gained throughout the podcasting experience
  • Express gratitude to guests and acknowledge the support from the community
  • Emphasize the importance of advocating for oneself in navigating healthcare challenges and career decisions
  • Share personal and professional impact of the podcasting journey
  • Conclude with a heartfelt farewell and encouragement for listeners to explore previous episodes
The biggest thing is actually we've touched on it already is listening harder and, uh, being more open to ideas that are outside.
As the Recovery Machine Podcast reaches its final chapter, hosts Corey and Nathan take a moment to look back on their remarkable journey. This episode is a heartfelt retrospective, filled with personal stories and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. They share how their experiences have shaped both their personal and professional lives, offering listeners a unique glimpse into the world of addiction recovery from the perspective of those who’ve lived it.
Throughout the episode, Corey and Nathan express deep gratitude to the many guests who have graced their show, sharing invaluable insights and expertise. They also acknowledge the unwavering support from their community, emphasizing how crucial it has been in sustaining their efforts. Listeners will find discussions on the complexities of the healthcare system, highlighting the importance of self-advocacy and thoughtful career choices.
Corey and Nathan's candid reflections provide not only a sense of closure but also a wealth of wisdom for anyone navigating similar paths. The episode wraps up with a sincere farewell, encouraging listeners to revisit previous episodes. The hosts remind us that while this may be the end of their podcasting journey, the conversations and knowledge shared will continue to resonate and inspire.