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Nathan McLean & Corey Williams

  • Wrapping Up 2023

Wrapping Up 2023

Thursday 21st December 2023

Join Burton McLean, Shaldun Wilson, and Carmel Meisner for year-end reflections on personal growth and valuable life lessons in the Recovery Machine Podcast.
55 minutes

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Reflecting on Life's Lessons: Recovery Machine's Year-End Episode

Episode Overview

  • The episode features thought-provoking questions and profound insights from guests Burton McLean, Shaldun Wilson, and Carmel Meisner
  • The conversation delves into personal growth, vulnerability, and embracing one's true self
  • Guests share valuable life lessons, reflecting on the importance of hard work, forgiveness, and setting boundaries
  • The episode provides a deep and introspective look into the lives of the guests, leaving listeners with thought-provoking insights
  • Listeners gain valuable insights and reflections on personal growth, self-discovery, and the importance of self-discipline
Being smart is good, but without hard work, it won't get you very far. Self-discipline, hard work, good habits, those things will beat intelligence all day long.
As the year comes to a close, the Recovery Machine Podcast brings together Burton McLean, Shaldun Wilson, and Carmel Meisner for a heartfelt and introspective episode. The hosts pose three compelling questions that prompt deep reflection and personal insights from each guest. First, they ponder what message they would broadcast to the world if given a gigantic billboard. Next, they share the new beliefs, behaviors, or habits that have most improved their lives over the past five years.
Finally, they offer advice to their younger selves at ages 10 and 20. Through these questions, listeners are treated to a rich tapestry of personal growth stories, valuable life lessons, and moments of vulnerability. Themes of forgiveness, setting boundaries, and embracing one's true self are explored in depth. This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom and encouragement, perfect for anyone seeking inspiration and guidance on their own journey of self-discovery and recovery.