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  • The Process of Change – Special Encore Presentation!

The Process of Change – Special Encore Presentation!

Monday 17th March 2008

Discover the keys to successful behavior change in this episode of One Hour at a Time. Learn how to help individuals make and sustain change over time. Listen now on
56 minutes

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The Process of Change: Understanding Successful Behavior Change

Most of us get going, but we don't get it totally integrated into our lifestyle, so it doesn't keep going.
In the latest episode of One Hour at a Time, host Mary Woods delves into the process of successful behavior change. Through her conversation with Dr. Carlo Diclemente, listeners gain an understanding of the stages of change and the best ways to engage individuals in the change process. Dr. Diclemente emphasizes the importance of decision-making and the need for people to fully integrate new behaviors into their lifestyle to sustain change over time.
The episode also covers the challenges of relapse and the role of support in behavior change. Don't miss out on these valuable insights - listen to the episode now on