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  • Transformation Radio January 7th

Transformation Radio January 7th

Monday 7th January 2019

Discover how to overcome addiction by living for eternity's values. Learn from real stories of hope and healing in this episode of Relational Recovery. Listen now on
13 minutes

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How Living for Eternity's Values Can Help You Overcome Addiction

The solution is to put God first and start living with eternity's values in view.
In the latest episode of Relational Recovery on, listeners are invited to hear real stories of hope and healing from individuals who have struggled with addiction. The episode focuses on the concept of living for eternity's values, and how this perspective can help individuals overcome addiction and unwanted behaviors.
The episode begins with a bible reading from the book of Matthew, where listeners are reminded to not do good deeds publicly to be admired. Instead, the solution presented is to put God first and start living with eternity's values in view. This means giving gifts in secret and praying to God privately.
The hosts then go on to discuss the importance of time and how it is the most precious commodity we have. They reference the story of David and how he maintained his integrity and always remembered to give thanks to God. The hosts remind listeners that living with integrity and perseverance is key to overcoming addiction.
Throughout the episode, listeners hear from guests who share their own experiences with addiction and how they were able to overcome it by living for eternity's values. They discuss the blend of Christian spirituality and psychology that has helped them on their journey to recovery. Listeners will also learn about the science of behavior change and how to get started on their own journey to recovery.
The episode ends with a reminder to search for lost treasure and to always have faith in God. Listeners are encouraged to listen to the full episode now on to gain valuable insights and inspiration for their own journey to recovery.