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  • Transformation Radio January 8th

Transformation Radio January 8th

Monday 7th January 2019

Join us on Relational Recovery podcast for real stories of hope and healing. Learn about Christian spirituality and psychology in addiction recovery, the science of behavior change, and how to start your own journey to recovery.
19 minutes

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Finding Hope and Healing: Real Stories of Recovery on Relational Recovery Podcast

To resist temptation was kind of like this physical posture, spiritually like: bring it on, I'm gonna fight you jealousy and envy and anger.
Relational Recovery podcast is a beacon of hope for those struggling with unwanted behaviors and seeking recovery. In the episode titled Transformation Radio January 8th, listeners are treated to a reading from the book of Matthew, which sets the tone for a discussion on the importance of giving to please God and putting his concerns first.
The hosts delve into the Lord's prayer as a pattern to follow, emphasizing the power of forgiveness and resisting the temptation to acquire material possessions. The podcast offers a unique blend of Christian spirituality and psychology, which has been successful in helping people recover from addictions for over 20 years. Listeners can expect to learn about the science of behavior change and how to start their own journey to recovery.
The hosts share real stories of hope and healing that will inspire and empower listeners to take action. The episode also touches on the importance of serving others, finding joy, and making the right choices with the power of wisdom. The Relational Recovery podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking a transformative experience in addiction recovery. Listen to the episode now on and start your own journey to recovery.