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  • Transformation Radio January 9th

Transformation Radio January 9th

Tuesday 8th January 2019

Discover how Christian spirituality and psychology can help you on your journey to recovery. Real stories of hope and healing. Listen to the latest episode of Relational Recovery on now.
13 minutes

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Finding Hope and Healing through Spiritual Recovery

You are prized by the one who knitted you together. You are a glorious human being, stamped with the very glory of god in you.
Relational Recovery is an organization with over 20 years of experience helping people recover from addictions through a blend of Christian spirituality and psychology. In their latest podcast episode titled 'Transformation Radio January 9th', the hosts explore the importance of producing good fruit in life, the dangers of false prophets and false religion, and finding identity and value in God. Listeners will hear powerful stories of hope and healing from real people who have been through the recovery process.
One standout quote from the podcast is, 'You are prized by the one who knitted you together. You are a glorious human being, stamped with the very glory of god in you.' This message of worth and value is a central theme throughout the episode. The hosts remind listeners that their identity is not found in material possessions or external validation, but in the fact that they are 'stamped with the very glory of god.'
The podcast also touches on the power of wisdom and God's unforgettable deeds, as well as the value of every human life. The hosts encourage listeners to find shelter and refuge in God during times of trouble and to trust in Him always. They emphasize the importance of telling others about God's love and salvation, as it is the only escape from the terrible place called hell.
Overall, 'Transformation Radio January 9th' offers a message of hope and empowerment to those struggling with unwanted behaviors. The hosts remind listeners that recovery is possible and that they are not alone on their journey. If you're looking for inspiration and guidance on your own path to recovery, be sure to listen to this episode of Relational Recovery now available on