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  • Transgender AA Meeting

Transgender AA Meeting

Thursday 1st January 1970

Listen in as members of the 12 Step Recovery Podcast share their experiences at a transgender AA meeting, discussing their struggles with addiction and journey towards self-acceptance.
56 minutes

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Transgender AA Meeting: Finding Hope and Acceptance through Sobriety

These rooms have taught me to love myself, but also that I don't have to show love by being catty.
The 12 Step Recovery Podcast's latest episode, 'Transgender AA Meeting,' offers a raw and honest conversation about addiction, sobriety, and self-acceptance within the transgender community. Members share their experiences navigating both sobriety and gender identity, discussing the unique challenges they faced and the transformative power of community support. Through the lens of AA meetings and recovery programs, they explore the importance of self-love, acceptance, and finding a place of belonging.
The episode is a moving reminder of the power of sharing our stories and coming together to heal and grow. As one member puts it, 'these rooms have taught me to love myself, but also that I don't have to show love by being catty.' It's a powerful message that resonates far beyond the walls of AA meetings and speaks to the universal human need for love and acceptance.