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  • Trust ourselves

Trust ourselves

Sunday 19th February 2017

Alison Shapiro discusses the importance of self-trust in stroke recovery in this episode of 'Wohaula Recovery Tips'.
3 minutes

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Learning to Trust Yourself: A Healing Journey with Alison Shapiro

What helps that life force flourish is learning to trust myself, to trust the life in me. We are all doing our best to heal, and if we listen to ourselves, we can learn a lot.
Imagine going through the daunting experience of a stroke and finding your way back to health. In this episode of 'Wohaula Recovery Tips', Alison Shapiro shares her personal story of navigating recovery and the critical role self-trust played in her healing. She dives into how listening to the subtle signals from our bodies, hearts, and minds can guide us through recovery, even when it feels like the world around us is saying otherwise.
Alison emphasizes that while medical advice and research are invaluable, there's a unique wisdom within each of us that knows the best path to healing. She brings the concept of neuroplasticity to life by sharing how her brain adapted and healed, sometimes defying conventional expectations. This episode is not just about medical facts; it's about finding hope and strength within yourself.
Whether you're recovering from an illness or supporting someone who is, Alison's insights offer a blend of inspiration and practical advice. Tune in for a heartfelt conversation that reminds us all of the power of trusting our inner voice.