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  • We are the key to our own recovery

We are the key to our own recovery

Sunday 19th February 2017

Discover how small, creative actions can aid stroke recovery. Alison Shapiro shares her journey and the mind's role in healing on Wohaula Recovery Tips.
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Harnessing Inner Strength: Alison's Recovery Journey

What we do matters profoundly when our brains are gravely injured. We may think that we are helpless, but we are not.
Feeling powerless in the face of recovery is a common struggle, but Alison Shapiro's story offers a beacon of hope. In this episode of 'Wohaula Recovery Tips', Alison dives into her personal experience with stroke recovery, revealing a profound lesson: our actions significantly influence our healing journey. Struggling with the aftermath of multiple strokes, Alison discovered an unconventional yet effective method to aid her recovery—a blue plastic dog bone.
By using it as a weight to remind her fingers to open, she managed to direct her brain's attention back to her hand. This small but impactful action exemplifies how minor, creative solutions can pave the way for significant progress. Alison's narrative is a testament to the power of our minds and the crucial role they play in overcoming feelings of helplessness.
Her journey underscores that even when faced with serious injuries or illnesses, we possess the capability to encourage healing through focused attention and innovative approaches. Whether you're on your own path to recovery or supporting someone who is, this episode is a treasure trove of inspiration and practical advice. Tune in to learn how you can unlock your mind's potential for healing.