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What Lies Beneath

Thursday 2nd February 2023

Minister JR Everhart discusses hidden trauma and healing on 'The Truth Labyrinth Podcast'. Discover practical steps towards joy and satisfaction.
35 minutes

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Unearthing Hidden Trauma: Minister JR Everhart's Guide to Healing

We're all just hurt children walking around in adult bodies.
Have you ever wondered how hidden trauma might be affecting your life? In this episode of 'The Truth Labyrinth Podcast', Minister JR Everhart dives deep into the shadows of unresolved trauma. With nearly a decade of addiction counseling experience, JR brings a wealth of knowledge and personal insight to the table. He discusses how buried pain can seep into our relationships and manifest as compulsive behaviors, often without us even realizing it. JR doesn't shy away from the tough stuff.
He emphasizes the importance of facing discomfort head-on to truly heal. Through sharing his own journey with trauma and recovery, he offers a relatable and compassionate perspective. This isn't just about identifying the problem; it's about finding practical steps to move forward. Listeners will appreciate JR's candid approach and his emphasis on the need for counseling and support.
He underscores the idea that healing is a journey, not a destination, and that unity in Christ can be a powerful source of joy and satisfaction along the way. Whether you're grappling with your own hidden traumas or supporting someone who is, this episode provides valuable insights and actionable advice. Tune in to 'The Truth Labyrinth Podcast' and take the first step towards healing and restoration.