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  • Your Teenager Is Not The Problem But A Symptom

Your Teenager Is Not The Problem But A Symptom

Wednesday 2nd January 2019

Learn why your teenager is not the problem but a symptom in this episode of Counseling On Demand. Get mental health advice from Dr. Fred Riley on
16 minutes

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Why Your Teenager Is Not The Problem But A Symptom: Insights From Counseling On Demand

Sometimes you have to fix the system rather than all of the parts.
In this episode of Counseling On Demand, Dr. Fred Riley and guest Derek Overstreet discuss the misdiagnosis of teenagers and how families often blame the problems on the teenager rather than viewing them as a symptom of a larger issue. The conversation delves into the terms oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder, highlighting how these labels can be limiting when it comes to understanding the dynamics at play. Instead, Dr.
Riley emphasizes the importance of digging deeper and examining family dynamics. By doing so, families can identify the root causes of issues and work together to find solutions. One key takeaway is that irritability in teenagers is often mistaken for a lack of respect or oppositional behavior, when in reality it can be a sign of depression. Throughout the episode, Dr.
Riley and Derek provide insights and advice for parents and families who may be struggling to understand their teenager's behavior and emotions. The episode is both informative and engaging, offering a fresh perspective on common issues that many families face. To listen to the full episode and get mental health advice from Dr. Fred Riley, visit now.