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Recovery Talks: The Podcast

Join Marc Lee Shannon on 'Recovery Talks: The Podcast' for real stories of thriving in sobriety from musicians, leaders, and performers.
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Recovery Talks: Thriving Beyond Addiction with Marc Lee Shannon

Curious about how top performers manage to stay sober and thrive? 'Recovery Talks: The Podcast' is your backstage pass to the real stories of musicians, business leaders, and world-class performers who have battled addiction and come out stronger. Hosted by musician and recovery advocate Marc Lee Shannon, this series offers a candid look at the routines, habits, and strategies that help these individuals not just survive but truly thrive in their recovery journeys.
Marc creates a safe and welcoming space for his guests to share their personal stories, diving deep into the challenges they've faced and the victories they've achieved. Each episode features heartfelt conversations that reveal the daily routines and coping mechanisms that keep them on track. Whether it's through spirituality, peer support, or finding new passions, these stories are packed with practical advice and inspiration.
But it's not all serious talk; Marc's engaging style and genuine empathy make each episode feel like a chat with an old friend. You'll hear about the transformative power of music, the importance of community, and even some light-hearted moments that bring a smile to your face. This podcast isn't just for those in recovery—it's for anyone interested in understanding the complexities of addiction and the strength it takes to overcome it.
From tackling the stigma around addiction to discussing the impact of mental health on sobriety, 'Recovery Talks: The Podcast' covers it all. If you're looking for real, relatable stories and practical insights to help you or a loved one on the path to sobriety, this podcast is a must-listen.