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  • Anxiety - The biggest clue, that you’ve got some healing to do!

Anxiety - The biggest clue, that you’ve got some healing to do!

Friday 3rd January 2020

Explore the origins and solutions to anxiety in this episode of From Darkness to Light. Join Shama Persson as she shares her insights and experiences with anxiety, addiction, and suicide attempts.
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Unpacking Anxiety: The Clues to Finding Healing and Growth

And I understand that the anxiety that gets triggered Today is actually a clue to protect me, to show me the way, and for me it's crucial to handle anxiety in a healthy way and not go drinking alcohol, doing drugs, use other people for sex or love, even the manipulated thought.
In this episode of From Darkness to Light, host Shama Persson delves into the topic of anxiety, sharing her personal experiences and insights. She starts by reading a definition of anxiety and acknowledging that it wasn't until later in life that she realized she suffered from it. Shama shares that her anxiety started early, likely due to her father's frequent absences during her childhood. This led to a lack of trust and insecurity that stayed with her throughout her life. She also discusses how anxiety drove her to an eating disorder and addiction to alcohol, both of which only made her anxiety worse.
However, Shama emphasizes that anxiety is not a life sentence and that there are ways to find healing and growth. She believes that anxiety is a clue to protect us and show us the way. By exploring the origins of our anxiety and asking for help, we can learn to handle it in a healthy way. Shama also stresses the importance of good relationships that are not just used to soothe us but also to wake us up to our true selves.
In summary, Shama encourages listeners to see anxiety as an opportunity for growth and transformation rather than a curse. By facing our anxiety head-on and seeking help, we can find healing and build resilience to face life's challenges. If you are struggling with anxiety, this episode is a must-listen for its insightful and empowering message.