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  • HopLark: Hop Tea & Hop Water with Betsy Frost, CEO

HopLark: Hop Tea & Hop Water with Betsy Frost, CEO

Wednesday 10th July 2024

Discover HopLark's unique non-alcoholic drinks with CEO Betsy Frost. Learn how they capture the complex flavours of hops without the alcohol.
43 minutes

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HopLark's Refreshing Take on Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Episode Overview

  • HopLark offers innovative non-alcoholic beverages made from hops.
  • The company was founded to capture the complex flavours of hops without alcohol.
  • HopLark's drinks are zero calories, zero sugar, and gluten-free.
  • The non-alcoholic beverage industry is growing rapidly.
  • Small, positive changes in daily habits can lead to a healthier lifestyle.
"It feels like I'm doing something naughty when I'm having a HopLark for lunch, but it's actually very good for me."
In this episode of The Alcohol Minimalist Podcast, host Molly Watts chats with Betsy Frost, CEO of HopLark, about their innovative non-alcoholic beverages. Betsy shares the story behind HopLark, which was founded by Dean Eberhardt who wanted to capture the complex flavours of hops without the alcohol.
You'll hear about the creative process that led to the development of Hop Tea and Hop Water, and how these drinks are providing a refreshing alternative for those looking to cut down on alcohol. Betsy explains how HopLark's unique brewing method extracts the delicate flavours of hops, resulting in a beverage that's both complex and satisfying.
The conversation also touches on the broader trends in the non-alcoholic beverage industry and how companies like HopLark are meeting the growing demand for healthier drink options. Molly and Betsy discuss the importance of small, positive changes in daily habits and how non-alcoholic drinks can play a role in a more mindful approach to alcohol consumption. This episode is perfect for anyone curious about innovative non-alcoholic options and looking for ways to enjoy the taste of hops without the alcohol.
Don't miss out on this inspiring chat – it might just add a little extra joy to your day!