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  • Letting Go 20 Min Meditation 3 of 7

Letting Go 20 Min Meditation 3 of 7

Monday 6th January 2020

Join Buddy C in this 20-minute sober meditation on surrendering and letting go of addiction. Discover how to be powerless and live a free life today on alcoholfree.com.
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Letting Go: A Sober Meditation for Overcoming Addiction

I want to encourage you that you are worth the effort, that you are loved and that you can open your heart and be enough and be able to walk in this powerlessness that allows you to live a free life, because I know if it works for me, it can work for you too.
In this episode of Sober Meditations, Buddy C guides listeners through a 20-minute sober meditation on surrendering and letting go of addiction. As an alcoholic in recovery, Buddy C shares his experience, strength, and hope in using meditation as a tool for overcoming addiction. The essence of powerlessness in addiction recovery is explored, with surrendering and letting go being central to this concept.
Through body scanning, listeners are encouraged to become more aware of their physical senses and to notice areas of tension in the body without the need to change them. Buddy C also delves into the concept of worthiness, and how fear can often be at the root of feelings of unworthiness. However, he encourages listeners to surrender this fear, and to recognize that they are loved and enough just as they are.
The transformative power of love is also explored, with Buddy C emphasizing the importance of opening one's heart to loving oneself and others. Through this meditation, listeners are invited to walk in the powerlessness that allows them to live a free life in recovery. Buddy C also encourages listeners to journal after meditation, in order to explore any resentments or blocks to letting go that may have arisen during the meditation.
Finally, the importance of helping and loving others is emphasized, with Buddy C suggesting that this can be a helpful way to find one's next right step in life. Overall, this sober meditation provides listeners with a powerful tool for overcoming addiction and living a free life in recovery.