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  • Letting Go 5 Min Meditation 4 of 7

Letting Go 5 Min Meditation 4 of 7

Tuesday 7th January 2020

Discover a free alcohol recovery meditation series on Sober Meditations. Learn how to surrender and let go of any area, situation or person in your life. Listen to the podcast now on alcoholfree.com.
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The Surrender Prayer: A Sober Meditation Series on Letting Go

For me, that truly is a prayer of surrender.
Sober Meditations is a free resource of contemplative alcohol recovery meditations that provide users with the opportunity to learn the art of surrender and letting go. Buddy C.'s Letting Go series is one such series that focuses on the essence of powerlessness in the first step of alcohol recovery. In this fourth 5-minute meditation, Buddy C.
shares a specific tool that has helped him to surrender and let go of the areas, situations, and people in his life that he has found difficult to release. This tool is the Surrender Prayer, and it is a prayer of surrender that is focused on asking God for his will in one's life, regardless of what it takes. Buddy C.
emphasizes that the prayer is not about changing God or what God can do for us, but rather about changing oneself. He encourages listeners to try the prayer and see how it works for them. Buddy C. also touches on the Serenity Prayer and how it can help shift one's focus from things they think they can control to things they cannot.
He provides practical applications of the Surrender Prayer, such as using it to let go of resentments, anger, and other areas of disturbance. He also encourages listeners to journal their epiphanies and discuss them with their sponsor or friend in recovery. In conclusion, Buddy C. invites listeners to have a great day and to look for someone they can love and help, as this is a sure way to find direction when unsure of what to do next.
Listen to the full episode now on alcoholfree.com and discover how the Surrender Prayer can help you let go and surrender your life to a higher power.