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  • Letting Go 5 Min Meditation 6 of 7

Letting Go 5 Min Meditation 6 of 7

Tuesday 7th January 2020

Join Buddy C in the sixth episode of Sober Meditations as he guides you through a 5-minute meditation on acceptance and surrender in alcohol recovery.
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All Is As It Should Be: A Guided Meditation on Acceptance and Surrender

Until I could accept life as being as it should be, I found myself trying to control everything because I thought it was up to me to make things better, to make things different.
In the sixth episode of Sober Meditations, Buddy C guides listeners through a 5-minute meditation on acceptance and surrender in alcohol recovery. As an alcoholic in recovery himself, Buddy C shares his experience, strength, and hope through the practice of meditation. He emphasizes the importance of surrendering and letting go of the need to control everything, which is a central aspect of the first step of Alcoholics Anonymous.
One of the key tools he uses to achieve this state of surrender is acceptance. Until he could accept life as it is, he found himself constantly trying to control everything, believing that it was up to him to make things better. However, he learned that by developing a belief in a higher power, he could let go of control and trust that everything would work out as it should.
This belief in a higher power is a cornerstone of the Alcoholics Anonymous program and many other recovery programs. In addition to the benefits of meditation in recovery, Buddy C also highlights the power of community and support in the recovery journey. He encourages listeners to talk to their sponsors, friends in recovery, or recovery coaches about their struggles with acceptance and surrender. By letting go of resistance and control, listeners can find peace and serenity in acceptance.
Listen to the full episode now here on alcoholfree.com and take the first step towards surrendering and letting go.