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  • Marilyn Nelson on Her Beautiful, Powerful Poetry

Marilyn Nelson on Her Beautiful, Powerful Poetry

Wednesday 9th January 2019

Discover the beautiful and powerful poetry of Marilyn Nelson on The One You Feed podcast. Listen now on alcoholfree.com.
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Marilyn Nelson's Poetry: Feeding the Good Wolf

I think that probably in the back of my mind is the question of whether this is goodwill, whether I'm willing the right thing, whether I'm making a contribution toward a better future, and I suppose those are decisions that have to do with choosing to feed the good wolf.
In a recent episode of The One You Feed podcast, host Eric Zimmer sits down with poet Marilyn Nelson to discuss her work and the inspiration behind it. Marilyn Nelson is an American poet, translator, and children's book author. She is a professor emeritus at The University of Connecticut and the former poet laureate of Connecticut.
During the episode, Eric and Marilyn delve into several of her poems, exploring the meaning behind them and how they relate to her personal experiences and worldview. Marilyn shares that, in her work, she strives to feed the 'good wolf' within herself by asking whether what she is doing is goodwill and whether it is a contribution toward a better future.
One of the key takeaways from the episode is the importance of silence and listening in creativity. Marilyn shares that she spends time each day simply listening to the quiet of the natural world as a way of connecting with something central in our humanity and existence. Marilyn also discusses the role of faith and prayer in her poetry, sharing a parable about a dog that yearns for his master who is out there in the darkness but never appears, no matter how loudly he calls.
Overall, the episode is a thought-provoking and inspiring exploration of the interconnectedness of all living creatures and the power of feeding the 'good wolf' within ourselves. Listen to the full episode now on alcoholfree.com.