Jiordana Saade


Jiordana Saade

  • Turning Passion Into Profit: A Path to 7-Figure Success | 118

Turning Passion Into Profit: A Path to 7-Figure Success | 118

Thursday 27th June 2024

Jiordana Saade shares her journey from personal struggles to 7-figure success, offering practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.
69 minutes

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Jiordana Saade
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Transforming Passion into Profit: Jiordana Saade's Journey to Success

Episode Overview

  • Balancing authenticity with marketing on social media.
  • Daily practices that contribute to business success.
  • The importance of trusting the process and the universe.
  • Overcoming personal struggles to achieve professional goals.
  • Practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.
You have to trust that the universe is going to catch you.
In this episode of 'Head-to-Heal', Jiordana Saade chats with Alex Freitas about transforming passion into profit and achieving 7-figure success. Jiordana, a certified holistic nutritionist, shares her journey from struggling with obesity, addictions, and depression to building a thriving business. She discusses balancing authenticity with marketing on social media, and how daily practices contributed to her success. The episode wraps up with a Q&A session where Jiordana answers audience questions, providing insights into her methods and mindset.
Jiordana's candid reflections offer valuable lessons for anyone looking to turn their dreams into reality. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or just curious about the intersection of health and business, this episode has something for you. Don't miss the chance to hear Jiordana's inspiring story and practical advice!