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Recovery & Human Optimization

Tune into 'Recovery & Human Optimization' for insights on addiction recovery, mental health, and personal growth. Discover practical advice and inspiring stories.
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Recovery & Human Optimization: A Journey to Wellness and Purpose

Curious about how to transform your life through recovery and self-improvement? 'Recovery & Human Optimization' offers a treasure trove of insights into addiction recovery, mental health, and human potential. Hosted by James E., this podcast dives into everything from spirituality and consciousness to the nitty-gritty of physical health optimization. Whether it's discussing the power of plant medicines with a shaman or exploring the role of nutrition in athletic performance, each episode is packed with wisdom and practical advice.
The show also features inspiring guests like Arana Taumata, who share their personal journeys from professional sports to new careers, offering real-life examples of resilience and growth. Perfect for anyone looking to enrich their life with purpose and passion, 'Recovery & Human Optimization' is your go-to resource for holistic wellness.