Petrolhead Clarkson raises a glass to Dry January

Christine Humphreys
by Christine Humphreys
Published: January 04, 2024
Jeremy Clarkson, looking happy as ever
Jumping on the alcohol-free bandwagon is petrolhead turned brewer Jeremy Clarkson.
The unashamedly macho former presenter of TV car show Top Gear has just added a zero percent lager to his drinks portfolio.
His brewery previously boasted offering the ‘ V8 of ales’ - in reference to the high performance car engine - among it’s potent brews.
Clarkson is now promoting a new 0.3 ABV lager that his Hawkstone marketing suggests is an ideal refresher after a stint at the gym.
While shooting a promo video in a gym, Clarkson suggests his offering will help make Dry January bearable.
There appears to be an element of mockery to the video in a similar vein to the launch of Nanny State by the Bewdog bad boys back in 2009.
The media presenter gingerly sips through gritted teeth as though fearful he’s likely to choke on it.
Whether his Spa lager ever becomes the best-selling beer the once derided Nanny State has become remains to be seen.
Clarkson describes the beer as a ‘healthy alternative’.
With so much to choose from now produced by a wealth of dedicated brewers who treat alcohol-free beer and those who drink it with a high degree of respect, you might just decided to pass on this.
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Christine Humphreys

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