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Low and no drinks may increase alcohol to up sales 
BY Christine HumphreysJuly 26, 2022
Alcohol strength in the low/no drinks category could be on the rise to encourage more people to imbibe less.
People at a funeral
Rise in booze deaths and disease predicted after pandemic
BY Christine HumphreysJuly 26, 2022
Dangerous drinking levels may have reached the point of no return among boozers who upped their intake during the pandemic.
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Heaviest drinkers down more under Scottish minimum unit pricing trial
BY Christine HumphreysJuly 21, 2022
Heavy drinkers in Scotland are swallowing higher booze prices aimed at curbing excess, a new study shows.
Counsellor touching the arm of a soldier
Army backs addiction recovery programme
BY Christine HumphreysMay 27, 2022
Soldiers battling alcohol and gambling problems are being offered support to quit their habit.
0.0 Airport Lounge
Airport zero lounge to encourage mindful drinking
BY Christine HumphreysMay 23, 2022
A global booze giant is promoting mindful drinking to holidaymakers at a new 0.0 airport lounge.
Skyn bracelet
Wristband gadget could help drinkers moderate
BY Christine HumphreysMay 22, 2022
Alcohol monitors that measure intoxication through the skin have produced 'encouraging' results in a scientific trial.
Photo by Artem Beliaikin / Unsplash
Clothing chain blasted over booze bag shame
BY Christine HumphreysOctober 15, 2021
Shopping bags promoting alcohol at a family clothing and homeware store have sparked dismay among Alcohol-Free Community members.
A healthy heart
Alcohol-free wine has all the heart benefits of drinking modest amounts of regular plonk say scientists
BY Christine HumphreysSeptember 23, 2021
New research has confirmed that drinking alcohol-free wine has all the heart health benefits of ordinary wine and dispels the myth that abstainers are less healthy than moderate drinkers.
Hand holding strong glass of spirits
Alcohol deaths 'highest in 20 years'
BY Christine HumphreysMay 06, 2021
Alcohol killed more people last year than at any time in almost 20 years according to the latest statistics for England and Wales.
Bottles of beer on a bottling line
Growth in low and no-alcohol demand
BY Christine HumphreysApril 23, 2021
Demand for low and no alcohol drinks is increasing as more people make the choice to cut their booze intake.
Medics with woman on hospital gurney
Experts warn of an alcohol health crisis ahead
BY Christine HumphreysApril 22, 2021
Alarming statistics show that more than 750,000 hospital admissions were due to alcohol-related harm at the height of the Covid 19 pandemic.
Patient with a doctor
Does alcohol make us more susceptible to Covid-19?
BY Christine HumphreysApril 06, 2021
People who drink alcohol are more at risk of contracting Covid-19 and are at greater risk of developing complications and taking more time to recover from the virus, research suggests.
Child playing with stressed mother in the background
Covid-19 lockdown drinking poses chronic health crisis
BY Christine HumphreysJanuary 19, 2021
A boom in chronic diseases in the future is feared as more women turn to alcohol to cope with lockdown stress.
Woman drinking wine
Are people drinking more or less alcohol during lockdown?
BY Christine HumphreysJanuary 14, 2021
Research shows the changing nature of drinking during lockdown – but are people drinking more or less?
A woman using a laptop on a bed
Social media community bucks the booze trend
BY Christine HumphreysJanuary 14, 2021
Drinkers looking to cut their alcohol consumption during lockdown are turning to social media for support.
A depressed man
Drinking danger may outweigh quit risk during Covid-19 pandemic
BY Christine HumphreysJune 16, 2020
A DIY detox guide has been issued to address fears over heavy drinkers going cold turkey during lockdown.
A bottle of Clausthaler Alcohol-Free Beer
Sober drinkers keep beer out of the red as sales increase 31%
BY John RisbyApril 23, 2020
BOOZE sales have soared but data analysts suggest it's alcohol-free drinkers that are keeping the industry 'out of the red'.
Infected patient
Support for high-risk alcoholics ‘crucial’ in Covid battle
BY Christine HumphreysApril 01, 2020
Death rates among dependent drinkers are predicted to rise if support and treatment services are hit during the Coronavirus crisis.
Tired man drinking alcohol
Spike in alcohol harm under lock-down feared
BY Christine HumphreysApril 01, 2020
Controls to counter the coronavirus could spark a spike in alcohol-related harm, it is feared.