Drinkers avoid alcohol in a third of pub visits

Christine Humphreys
by Christine Humphreys
Published: August 25, 2022 Last updated: August 29, 2023
Group of friends enjoying themselves at a pub
Almost a third of pub visits in the UK are now alcohol-free and more than half of adults want to cut down on booze.
Market research has revealed that 29% of pub visits and 37% of restaurant visits do not involve consuming alcohol.
Pollsters also found that the average drinker now regularly chooses to substitute their usual tipple with a non-alcoholic drink when visiting licensed premises.
Awareness of low and no ABV alternatives is higher than ever at 95%.
However, a quarter of those polled would choose tap water when they abstain, according to the study commissioned by the producers of Lucky Saint alcohol-free beer.
Researchers found that 55% of responders wanted to reduce their booze intake and that 65% of those in the 18 to 24 age group wanted to drink less.
People were less likely to choose booze when out for family meals with young children, at lunchtime, and during daytime work meetings.
Those who chose from the low and no category bought mostly from supermarkets for home consumption.
Luke Boase, Lucky Saint founder, suggested bars and restaurants are missing out on potential trade by failing to cater for moderators and non-drinkers.
Mr Boase commented: “In a sector that only knows people as drinkers and non-drinkers, there isn’t much understanding of how to cater to the majority of UK pub-goers currently.”
Christine Humphreys

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