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Discover the Joys of Alcohol-Free and Non-Alcoholic Beers

Jump into the thriving world of non-alcoholic beers, where health meets flavour — without compromise. With a diverse range of craft beers, lagers, IPAs, stouts, and ciders available, including gluten-free and vegan choices, explore a healthier alternative that doesn't skimp on taste or variety. Whether you're health-conscious, don't drink alcohol, or simply curious, there's something for everyone!
Lucky Saint Unfiltered Alcohol-Free Lager Bottle (0.5% ABV) is a uniquely flavoured and low-sugar alcoholic alternative that's vegan-friendly.
Budweiser Budvar Nealko - a satisfyingly full-flavoured, low-sugar and vegan lager/pilsner offering distinctive tastes of toasted malt & fresh citrus.
Experience traditional Belgian abbey beer flavours with Lowtide Brewing Brune DMC Alcohol-Free Beer. Vegan-friendly, 0.5% ABV.
Enjoy the rich flavour of Erdinger Alkoholfrei Wheat Beer Can - an isotonic, low-calorie drink packed with vitamins B12, folic acid & polyphenols.

Experience the Delight of Alcohol-Free and Non-Alcoholic Wines

Step into the refined tastes of alcohol-free wines, where the essence of the grapes shines without the overshadowing effect of alcohol. This unique tasting adventure offers a lighter calorie option without losing the maturity of the flavours. The ever-growing selection of non-alcoholic wines ensures you don't have to forego the pleasure of wine to lessen your alcohol consumption.
Enjoy a taste of Spain with Señorio de la Tautila's Rosado Alcohol-Free Rosé Wine - vegan-friendly with freshness and depth of flavour
Thomson & Scott Noughty Alcohol-free Sparkling Rosé Wine is a luscious bubbly treat with rich flavour, low on calories, gluten-free and vegan.
José Maria da Fonseca Original Moscatel Alcohol-Free White Wine with citric and floral aromas in a refreshing vegan and gluten-free drink.
Experience the intricacies of Plus & Minus Alcohol-Free Blanc de Noirs Sparkling Wine made from premium Pinot Noir grapes. Low-sugar and vegan.

Embrace the Innovation of Non-Alcoholic Spirits and Alcohol-Free Cocktails

Venture into the innovative realm of non-alcoholic spirits and cocktails — from the pioneering efforts of creative independents to the more recent introductions by renowned labels like Gordon's and Tanqueray. The range of alcohol-free options continues to grow, ensuring a rich selection of drinks for adults who value more than just the ABV.
Relish the smooth taste of Twisst Alcohol-Free Irish Cream (0% ABV). Perfect for winding down after a busy day without alcohol-related guilt.
Discover CleanCo Clean R Rum Alternative Alcohol-Free Spirit - a low-sugar, gluten-free, vegan libation. A healthy alternative without sacrifice.
Enjoy an authentic Mojito experience without the alcohol! Try Ish Spirits Alcohol-Free Mojito Cocktail. Gluten-free, vegan & multi-award-winning.
Gordon's 0.0 Alcohol-Free Pink Spirit - a rich blend of raspberry and strawberry flavours, expertly crafted for the discerning palate.

What our members say...

Lynds, North West England
“The support here is so heartfelt and non-judgemental.
“I've managed to cut down and am aiming to stop but there's no adverse comments, only friends xx”
Lynds, North West England
Neil Watson, Nottinghamshire, UK
“Wonderful Community - very helpful, friendly, and supportive. Can not think of any better group if you require help and support!
“Many thanks to our founder member and all the members.”
Neil Watson, Nottinghamshire, UK
Lisa, Hertfordshire, UK
“I'm almost 4 years sober and have been part of this group for 3 of those. The support here is amazing, it's a wonderful group full of brave, insightful and caring people.
It's made my last 3 years a lot easier.
Lisa, Hertfordshire, UK
Debra, Yorkshire, UK
“At my lowest, this group became a lifeline. My binge drinking had spiraled, and finding balance was a daunting task. Today, I stand proud at almost a year alcohol-free. The unwavering camaraderie and profound insights of this community were my guiding lights — I owe my triumph to them.”
Debra, Yorkshire, UK
Jane, Kent, UK
“I sought out help in the usual places. AA, support groups etc, but I just didn't feel I was in the right place. A friend suggested I join. As I started reading posts, feelings and struggles echoed my own. I knew I'd found all the help and support I needed. I love that we can be honest, we can share our successes and wobbles. There are no failures, just people who need, and support, each other.
Jane, Kent, UK
Dawn Kenna, Glasgow, Scotland
“This group is just what I needed after many years binge drinking then stopping.
“I eventually stopped nearly 2 years ago and every time I post there is so much love and kind words from everyone.
Dawn Kenna, Glasgow, Scotland